Elizabeth Nixon, Study Team Management Group

Dr Elizabeth Nixon is a member of the Growing up in Ireland Study Team Management Group. She is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology at the School of Psychology.

Elizabeth has conducted a number of studies on parenting in Ireland, and has a particular interest in parenting and children’s development in non-traditional family structures. She has conducted several qualitative studies on children’s experiences of growing up in single parent and step-parent families. She has produced a number of reports on parenting and child development based upon Growing up in Ireland data, including How Family Matters for Social and Emotional Outcomes of 9 Year Old Children, and Parenting and Infant Development.

Elizabeth is the Co-Director of the Infant and Child Research Laboratory at the School of Psychology TCD, where she conducts observational research on mothers’ and fathers’ interactions with young children.

See more about Elizabeth’s publications and work at TCD here.