GUI Annual Conference 2011

Growing Up in Ireland Annual Research Conference 2011

Growing Up in Ireland held its third annual research conference on Thursday 1st December 2011 at the D4 Berkeley Hotel, Dublin.

The conference was opened by Ms Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, who launched the first Key Findings from the recently completed Infant Cohort (at 3 years) which are available to download by clicking here.

The opening presentation, Growing Up in Ireland – the First Findings from the Infant Cohort at 3 Years was presented by Prof. James Williams, Principal Investigator of Growing Up in Ireland and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Speakers and Presentations

The Keynote speaker was Professor Edward Melhuish, Professor of Human Development at Birkbeck, University of London and Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Education, University of London.

The keynote address, The Early Years and Later Development: Evidence and Social Policy is available to download by clicking here.

A total of 24 papers were presented at the conference by researchers from a wide range of third level and research institutions. These were based on data from Growing Up in Irelands Child and Infant Cohorts and focused on a range of topics including health, parenting, education and childcare

To view the conference brochure click here. To view the book of abstracts click here.

Presentations from the conference can be downloaded below.

  • Session A

“Not too fat and not too thin”: A mixed methods analysis of the physical health and well-being of nine-year-olds (click here to view)

Brian Merriman

Caregiver and child weight perception versus measured BMI: Who under-estimates their weight? (click here to view)

Mark Ward, Evelyn Mahon and Richard Layte

  • Session B

Multigrade teaching: The influence on academic and social outcomes (click here to view)

Amanda Quail and Emer Smyth

The gender maths gap and single sex schooling (click here to view)

Aedin Doris, Donal O’Neill and Olive Sweetman

  • Session C

Growing up in a one-parent family: The relationship between family structures and child outcomes (click here to view)

Carmel Hannon, Brendan Halpin and Carol Coleman

Partnership, parenthood and children in Ireland: Contextualising the analysis of GUI data (click here to view)

Tony Fahey and Patricia Keilthy

  • Session D

Childhood obesity: Impacts of lifestyle, parental factors and ethnicity: A cross-sectional study in Ireland (click here to view)

Vivienne Vanni-igbinomwanhia and Ela Polek

Weight, body image and bullying in nine-year-olds (click here to view)

Udo Reulbach, Emma Ladewig, Elizabeth Nixon, Mona O’Moore, James Williams, Tom O’Dowd

The impact of local food environment on the quality of children’s diet (click here to view)

Richard Layte, Sean Lyons and John Cullinan

  • Session E

Developing an index of well-being for nine-year-old Irish children (click here to view)

Carly Cheevers and Mick O’Connell

The well-being of migrant children in Ireland (click here to view)

Philip Curry, Robbie Gilligan and Mark Ward

  • Session F

Births following fertility treatment within the Growing Up in Ireland Infant Cohort (click here to view)

Aisling Murray

Determinants of periconceptioal folic acid supplementation in Ireland: findings from the Infant Cohort of Growing Up in Ireland (click here to view)

Sinead McNally, Ashling Bourke and Cathal McCrory

Is friendship associated with happiness amongst children with autism? (click here to view)

Laura Mangan and Lorraine Swords

  • Session G

Well-being and the family system: A structural equation model of the relational and contextual influences (click here to view)

Jonathan Pratschke, Trutz Haase and Kieran McKeown

Household and individual characteristics predicting violent conflict within couples in Ireland (click here to view)

Ela Polek

Family setting and children’s adjustment: Differential adjustment across families of nine-year-olds in Ireland (click here to view)

Maeve Thornton and Elizabeth Nixon

  • Session H

Subjective child well-being in vunerable families (click here to view)

Richard Layte and Collette McAuley

Child poverty and its correlates among children (click here to view)

James Williams and Christopher T Whelan

Contrasting approaches to the measurement of children’s deprivation (click here to view)

Sheila Greene, Lorraine Swords and Dorothy Watson

  • Session I

Asthma, family structure and health utilisation in infants (click here to view)

Dervla Kelly, Tom O’Dowd and Udo Reulbach

The association between breastfeeding and respiratory illness in nine-month-olds (click here to view)

Emma Ladewig, Tom O’Dowd and Udo Reulbach

Prenatal smoking and childhood behaviour problems: A quasi-experimental approach (click here to view)

Cathal McCrory and Richard Layte