Useful links for researchers

See below for links to other longitudinal studies, research institutes and networks.

Irish Social Sciences Data Archive

Anonymised datafiles of Growing Up in Ireland data (along with other data sources) are available through the Irish Social Sciences Data Archive based at UCD.  The data from Waves 1 and 2 of the Child Cohort (9 and 13 years); and from Waves 1, 2 and 3 of the Infant Cohort (9m, 3 and 5 years), are now available.


Irish Qualitative Data Archive

The Irish Qualitative Data Archive based in Maynooth holds the qualitative data from Wave 1 of the Growing Up in Ireland Child Cohort and Wave 1 of the Infant Cohort, amongst other qualitative resources.  Contact them at IQDA.


Children’s Database

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has compiled a portal to a wide range of information, publications and policy documents relevant to Irish children and youth at their site


Other Longitudinal Child Cohort Studies

Growing Up in Ireland regularly communicates with a number of other international longitudinal child cohort studies.   These include (with links):


Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

A network for researchers engaged in longitudinal and life course research.  The society hosts an annual conference and publishes a journal.  Further information available from their website.


Health Behaviour of School-Aged Children

A European-wide, health-focused, study with an Irish component co-ordinated by NUI Galway.  Visit the Irish site here.


Children’s Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland

An all-island members’ network for researchers and others interested in research on children and young people.  See their website for more information.


Central Statistics Office

A wealth of statistics and data on many aspects of life in Ireland is available from the site of the Central Statistics Office.

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