Spotlight Topic – Weight Status and Wellbeing

Over the years of Growing Up in Ireland, the data have been used by researchers to examine a range of issues and concerns in the lives of children and young people, and their parents. In a new series of posts, we highlight studies published in peer-reviewed journals that address particular themes. The first in our series looks at Weight & Wellbeing.


BMI mobility and obesity transitions among children in Ireland. Madden, D.

Parent-reported personality and weight transitions across adolescence. Sutin, A.R., Stephan, Y. & Terracciano, A.

Association of parental identification of child overweight and mental health problems during childhood. Robinson, E., Daly, M., Sutin, A.

Rethinking the association between overweight/obesity and ADHD in children: a longitudinal and psychosocial perspective. Ó. Donnchadha, S., Bramham, J., Greene, C.


Impact of carers’ smoking status on childhood obesity in the Growing up in Ireland Cohort Study. Sunday, S. & Kabir, Z.

Obesity, diet and lifestyle in 9-year-old children with parentally reported chronic diseases: findings from the Growing Up in Ireland longitudinal child cohort study. Fitzgerald, M., Hennigan, K., O’Gorman, C. & McCarron, L.

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Antibiotic use in early childhood and risk of obesity: longitudinal analysis of a national cohort. Kelly, D., Kelly, A., O’Dowd, T. & Hayes, C.

Adverse childhood experiences are associated with an increased risk of obesity in early adolescence: a population-based prospective cohort study. Gardner, R., Feely, A., Layte, R., Williams, J. & McGavock, J.


The impact of caesarean section on the risk of childhood overweight and obesity: New evidence from a contemporary Cohort Study. Masukume, G., O’Neill, S., Baker, P., Kenny, L., Morton, S. & Ali, S.

Body Mass Index changes in early childhood. Jabakhanji, S., Boland, F., Ward, M. & Biesma, R.

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A comparison of perceived and measured paternal weight and BMI, and relationship to weight and BMI of his children. Power, R., Power, B. & O’Gorman, C.


Weight status and dental problems in early childhood: Classification Tree Analysis of a national cohort. Crowe, M., O’Sullivan, M., Cassetti, O. & O’Sullivan, A.

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Low expectations: Do teachers underestimate the ability of overweight children or the children of overweight mothers. Queally, M., Doherty, E., Finucane, F. & O’Neill, C.

Activity profiles and the associations with weight status in population studies of young children: Are there gender differences? O’Neill, A., Dowd, K., O’Gorman, C., Hannigan, A., Walsh, C. & Purtill, H.

Childhood obesity and maternal education in Ireland. Madden, D.

Social class variation, the effect of the economic recession and childhood obesity at 3 years of age in Ireland. Jabakhanji, S., Pavlova, M., Groot, W., Boland, F. & Biesma, R.

Physical activity, screen-time behavior, and obesity among 13-Year Olds in Ireland with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. Healy, S., Haegele, J., Grenier, M. & Garcia, J.

Physical activity and obesity among nine-year-old children with and without chronic health problems, illness, or disabilities in Ireland. Haegele, J., Healy, S. & Zhu, X.

The association between weight perception and BMI: report and measurement data from the growing up in Ireland Cohort Study of 9-year-olds. Shiely, F., Ng, H., Berkery, E., Murrin, C., Kelleher, C. & Hayes, K.


The association between maternal perceptions of own weight status and weight status of her child: results from a national cohort study. Dowd, K., Kirwan, R., Hannigan, A., Purtill, H. & O’Gorman, C.


Child problem behaviours are associated with obesity in parents caring for children with developmental disabilities. Gallagher, S. & Hannigan, A.

The use of a dietary quality score as a predictor of childhood overweight and obesity. Perry, C., Keane, E., Layte, R., Fitzgerald, A., Perry, I. & Harrington, J.

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Screen time increases risk of overweight and obesity in active and inactive 9-Year-Old Irish Children: A cross sectional analysis. Lane, A., Harrison, M. & Murphy, N.

Social class variation in the predictors of rapid growth in infancy and obesity at age 3 years. Layte, R., Bennett, A., McCrory, C. & Kearney, J.

Is breastfeeding in infancy predictive of child mental well-being and protective against obesity at 9 years of age? Reynolds, D., Hennessy, E. & Polek, E.

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