GUI Annual Conference 2016

GUI Conference 3rd November 2016

Growing Up in Ireland’s  8th Annual Research Conference took place in the Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin on Thursday 3rd November 2016.

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone T.D., launched a series of key findings on several aspects of the lives of 17- and 18-year-olds.  Professor James Williams’ presentation for the launch is available to download here . The new publications are now available under the Official Growing Up in Ireland Publications page.

Keynote Speaker:  The keynote address was given by Professor Gordon Harold from the University of Sussex.  It focused on the importance of longitudinal studies across the life course.  Professor Harold’s main research interest is on the role of the family as a context for understanding children’s normal and abnormal psychological development.

Conference Presentations:  Twenty-six papers were presented at the conference.  These were based on Growing Up in Ireland’s Child and Infant Cohorts and covered a range of topics including health, parenting, education and socio-emotional well-being.  This year’s conference also featured a methodology session which will include presentations on topics relating to the practical aspects of collecting and using data from longitudinal studies such as Growing Up in Ireland.

Programme: Download the 2016 conference programme.  The Conference 2016 Book of Abstracts is also available.


Papers presented at the 2016 Growing Up in Ireland Conference

Many speakers, including the keynote Professor Gordon Harold, have kindly agreed to make their presentations available online.  Each title below is a hyperlink to the presentation. Presentations in the 2016 conference programme but not listed here are unavailable to download but the abstracts may be found in the Book of Abstracts.

**Keynote speaker**

Family relationship influences on children’s mental health: revisiting the developmental interface between nature and nurture using an array of complementary longitudinal research designs

Professor Gordon Harold, (University of Sussex)

Session A

Combining nutritional data from two surveys to augment dietary intake estimates

Crowe (TCD), O’Sullivan (TCD), Cassetti (TCD), McGrath (Hong Kong University), O’ Sullivan (UCD)

Session B

The impact of elective caesarean sections on digestive allergies, cardiac issues and respiratory issues in the children’s Growing Up in Ireland cohort

Reed (UCD) & Segurado (UCD)

Session C

Socio-emotional outcomes at age 5 in Ireland: does non-parental childcare make a difference?

McGinnity (ESRI),  Russell (ESRI) & Kenny (ESRI)

Different ways of estimating ADHD prevalence rates and the implications for mental health service

Gronostaj-Miara (St. John of God), Reulbach (UCD), Gavin (UCD) & McNicholas (UCD)

Session D

The association between weight perception and BMI: report and measurement data from the Growing Up in Ireland cohort study of 9 year olds

Shiely (UCC),  Hon Yan NG (UCC), Berkery (UL), Murrin (UCD), Kelleher (UCD), Hayes (UL)

Short sleep duration is associated with overweight and obesity in five-year-old children

Nicolson (TCD) & Zgaga (TCD)

Session E

Socio-economic variation in the impact of the Irish recession on the experience of economic stress among families

Watson (ESRI)

The great recession, household income, and children’s test scores

McGovern (Queen’s University) & Rokicki (UCD)

Social class variation, the effect of the economic recession and childhood obesity at 3 years of age in Ireland

Jabakhanji (Maastricht University), Pavlova (Maastricht University), Groot (Maastricht University), Boland (Royal College of Surgeons), Biesma (Royal College of Surgeons)

Session F

The association between self-concept and disability among adolescents in Ireland: secondary analysis of the Growing Up in Ireland study

Gallagher (UL), Galvin (UL), Robinson (UL), Murphy (UL), Conway (UL), Perry (UL)

The impact of early life stress on psychological symptoms in young adolescents

Ni Cathain (RCSI), Cannon (RCSI), Clarke (RCSI)

Session G

Obesity and mental health—joining the dots

Williams (RCSI), Clarke (RCSI), Cannon (RCSI)

Session H

A day in the life of 9 year-olds: exploring patterns in time-use data

Dobutowitsch (Maynooth University), O’Toole (Maynooth University)

Disparities in early life investments and children’s time use

Rokicki (UCD), McGovern (Queens University)

Space to act out? Neighbourhood and school influences on behaviour within and outside school

Smyth (ESRI), Williams (ESRI)

Session I

Ethical and practical considerations of interviewing with children

Murray (ESRI)

Attriters and their impact on Growing Up in Ireland

Williams (ESRI), Gallagher (ESRI)

Multi-variate techniques using panel data

Layte (TCD)

The role of the Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA) in the research data lifecycle

O’Neill (UCD)