GUI Annual Conference 2015

 GUI Conference 2015

The 7th Annual Growing Up in Ireland Research Conference was hosted in Dublin Castle on December 3rd 2015. The conference was addressed by Dr James Reilly,T.D., Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. The keynote paper was delivered by Professor Alice O’Sullivan.

Please follow the links below for the conference brochure, book of abstracts and individual presentations.

GUI Conference 2015 Book of Abstracts

(Note that in a late change to the schedule J.Williams replaced E.Chubb and A.Murray replaced C.Taut)


Please find below individual presentations given on the day of the conference. Files are labelled by Session letter and order of presentation (e.g. A_2 is the second presentation of Session A). Note that not all speakers have submitted their presentations for uploading online.

Keynote: Social class inequalities in education and the life course
Alice Sullivan

A_2 Parental expectations of children with a disability: Impact on educational outcomes at age 13
Bertrand Maitre

B_1 Dynamics and consequences of child economic vulnerability in the recession: An analysis of two waves and two cohorts of children
Dorothy Watson

B_2 Are all Irish children cherished equally? Measuring structural inequality and its effect on children’s outcomes
Niamh Kelly

C_1 Factors impacting sleep patterns of preterm infants
Joanne Fallon

C_2 Maternal stress in pregnancy and child atopic disease in infancy
Richard Layte

D_1 Neighbourhood effects on 9-year-old children’s behavioural outcomes
Amanda Quail

D_2 Minor dissertation: Maternal educational disadvantage and children’s academic outcomes – the Irish case
Carmen Kealy

D_3 Digital childhoods: A cross-sectional and longitudinal investigation into technology use using Growing Up in Ireland data
Mira Dobutowitsch

E_1 Social relationships and the transition to second-level education
Emer Smyth

E_3 There’s (dis)engagement everywhere: person-oriented profiles of engagement with learning and school and their predictors in the age 13 child cohort
Jennifer Symonds and Ela Polek

F_1 Fetal macrosomia and early childhood obesity- findings from the Growing Up in Ireland Cohort Study
Regien Biesma

F_2 Classification tree analysis of diet, dental problems and obesity in 3 year old children in Ireland
Michael Crowe

F_3 The role of adiposity in perceived ability within Ireland’s primary education system
Michelle Queally

G_2 Family factors associated with high antibiotic use in children
Dervla Kelly

H_2 Non-cognitive development in early childhood: the influence of maternal employment and the mediating role of childcare
Therese McDonnell